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Vendor Self Service (VSS)/Supplier Registration 

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The Jefferson County Vendor Self-Service system enables vendors to register and maintain information about their organization for the purpose of doing business with the County and receive notifications of business opportunities. 

Jefferson County Commission procurement activities are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid and Public Works Law, County Administrative Orders and applicable federal statutes as directed by grant providers. In the event you are awarded a contract with Jefferson County, you must have or obtain a Jefferson County Business License within 7 days of receipt of notice of intent to award. 

Vendors Must Be Registered To Receive Bid Notifications


Before proceeding to register your business through our on-line application process we encourage you to print and read:

Instructions for New Vendor Registration: 

Troubleshooting your connection to Jefferson County Vendor Self Service Website.docx

Instructions For Vendor Registration VSS.pdf

The instructions will prove to be helpful as you navigate through the registration process.

If you are an Existing Vendor with the Jefferson County Commission you will need to update your profile and commodities. Please refer to the following notice:

Existing Vendor Registration Notice.pdf

Note: Once you click on the link below, please allow a few moments to process.  You patience is appreciated. 

Go To Vendor Self Service To Register or Update Your Profile

Click here to watch "How to Register"

Once you have completed and submitted your on-line application, please allow 48-72 hours for your request to be processed.  You will receive an e-mail entitled “Vendor Registration Complete”.   This e-mail will contain your username and the link for you to access the system.

Please remember to choose your commodities which represent materials and services your company can provide.

Note: Business opportunities are identified through the products/services you offer; therefore it is important to make sure you complete this section.

Upon successful registration it is the responsibility of the supplier to review and update all information as needed.  The County is not responsible for any missed business opportunities due to outdated or inaccurate information.


Jefferson County Government does not discriminate against any offeror because of race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. It is the policy of Jefferson County that vendors or contractors doing or seeking to do business with the County shall, in all matters relating to such County business, shall not discriminate in the selection of subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, or other similar participants in such business on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at .  

Thank you for your interest.