In order to receive bid notifications, you must register as a vendor with Jefferson County. Vendors must create a profile on the VSS website. The direct link to the website is: When you register in VSS as a vendor/supplier you are automatically eligible to participate in designated cooperative bidding opportunities with PACA.
K-12 schools, community colleges, and local governments, including counties and municipalities. Partnership is open to all public entities that are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law (Code of Alabama § 41-16-50) within the State of Alabama.
There is not a fee for vendors to participate in PACA.
A current partner list is available HERE. You may also call the Purchasing Division at 205.325.5381 to verify partnership.
Joint cooperative bids are identified by a coversheet included in the solicitation that lists all the partners of the Association.
The vendor will bill the partner. Each participating governmental entity of the Association is responsible for issuing its own purchase orders, delivery instructions, invoicing, insurance requirements, and issue its own tax exemption certificate as required by vendors.
For additional questions email: