Become A Partner

Who is eligible to join PACA?
Partnership is open to all government or public entities within the State of Alabama that are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law (Code of Alabama§41-16-50) and agree to be governed by the cooperative's intergovernmental agreement.

How much does it cost?
Partnership fees are based on a percentage of the cooperative's operating budget, derived from the size of the partner's budget relative to other partner's budget. Therefore, annual charges for partners will vary. As more agencies join, the cost will decrease for each existing partner due to spreading the operating costs over more participants.

Who calculates the partnership fee?
Partnership fees are calculated by PARCA, (Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama) a non-profit agency.

What type information do I need to submit to calculate the fee?
A copy of your most recent audited budget/ financial report.

How do we join?
In order to join, the chief executive of your agency signs the intergovernmental agreement. This may require a resolution of the governing body to authorize the executive to enter into this agreement. The signed agreement is submitted to the Jefferson County Commission for approval.

How is PACA governed? 
The Jefferson County Commission serves as the host agency and is responsible for approving the intergovernmental agreement. An executive board, made up of the chief executives of each of the participating agencies governs PACA. The executive board is responsible for approving the by-laws of PACA and appointing representatives to the advisory board. The advisory board is composed of individuals involved with purchasing from each agency. The advisory board is responsible for working with the coordinator to identify the commodities to be jointly bid and determine the specifications for those items.

The form below is for a PACA partnership (not Vendor Registration).
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