The Jefferson County VSS system enables vendors/suppliers to register and maintain information regarding your organization for the purposes of doing business with the County and receiving notifications of business opportunities. VSS enables vendors to CREATE a profile and update it 24 hours a day; search POs, checks and invoices; view messages and links from your home page
Click HERE to view or print detailed registration instructions (or refer to "Getting Started" -> "How To Register As A New Vendor?" for step by step instructions)

Click HERE to register
Users with a LOGIN and PASSWORD already established

1. Go to the VSS website: https://mss.jccal.org/mss (Compatible with Internet Explorer 11 (recommended), Microsoft Edge (HTML5 only))
2. Select LOGIN from the upper corner
3. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD
Your vendor registration request has not been approved. Any changes made to your profile will not be reflected (as noted by the yellow triangles) until approved by procurement services
Commodity Codes are a coding taxonomy (the practice and science of classification) used primarily to classify products and services procured by state and local governments in North America

Why are Commodity Codes important?
Commodity Code selection is very important because it determines vendor notification and selection. Bidders lists and notifications are generated when the bid solicitation Commodity Code matches the Commodity Code SELECTED by the vendor

A W-9 form is used to provide your company's correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), FEIN, FIN, FID to the person or organization who is required to file an information return with the IRS

What is a current W-9?
A W-9 form signed and dated within 24 months of today's date. When identified, W-9 forms more than 24 months old may cause your vendor status to be made INACTIVE until a current W-9 is received/uploaded. Once verified the status is re-activated (made ACTIVE). The Jefferson County Commission Finance Department requires this form to be updated every 24 months using the latest version of the Form W-9 as provided by the IRS

When uploading your company's W-9 be sure the Company Name and Doing Business As (DBA) Name are listed as issued by the IRS. W-9 validations are performed using the TINCheck Payee Verification System
DUNS # is the acronym for Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number

Banks and potential partners may use your DUNS # to access your business credit file, see your business credit history and help make decisions about your company

What if I don't have a DUNS #?
Please complete the VSS registration process and APPLY for a DUNS # at https://fedgov.dnb.com/webform. Once you receive your number, please update your vendor profile and enter your DUNS # in VSS 

Click HERE to update your vendor profile. USERNAME and PASSWORD are required
No. However, bids can be downloaded from https://jeffcobids.jccal.org/Search.aspx (select Vendor & Public Inquiries above the Login Box - No Login Is Required)
Yes. Employees can create their own unique USER ID and PASSWORD in the New Vendor Registration section. Once your unique USER ID and PASSWORD are created, in the Existing Vendors Only section enter your company's Vendor ID# and 9-digit EIN, FEIN, FID, TIN or SSN# to create a profile under the parent company. Finally, complete the remaining registration steps

1. Contact the Purchasing Division at PROCUREMENTSERVICES@JCCAL.ORG or call 205.325.5381 to obtain your VENDOR ID#, once obtained
2. Go to the VSS website: https://mss.jccal.org/mss or Click Register (New Vendor)  
3. Click “Vendor Self Service”, then “Registration”
It is very Important that you Complete the following steps:
a. Create your USER ID and PASSWORD in the New Vendor Registration section
b. In the Existing Vendor Only section enter the VENDOR ID# and 9-digit EIN, FEIN, FID, TIN or SSN#
c. Complete the User Contact Info section
d. Update the New Vendor Registration: General Information (select “My Profile” and the blue word CHANGE next to General Information)
e. Enter a viable email address (where you want notifications to be sent) and
f. Enter the DUNS # in the General Information section
g. Verify/Save the mailing address and Add/Enter Remit Address (by selecting the small blue ADD)
h. Add/Enter Vendor additional Contacts
i. Select/Save ALL Commodity Codes that apply to the goods and/or services you offer
j. Review (Edit/Change registration info if needed)
k. VERIFY your W-9 is current (signed and dated within 24 months of the today's date, preferably the current year - if not, please UPLOAD a current copy)
l. Select REGISTER

Yes. During the registration process when on the ADDRESS page, click the small blue ADD before selecting the Continue button. This will allow you to add multiple addresses. Repeat steps until the last address is entered and then select the Continue button to move to the next screen
In the event your organization is awarded a contract with Jefferson County, a Jefferson County Business License may be required. Please contact the Revenue Dept via email at licenses_and_taxes@jccal.org or call 205-325-5171 for more information
No. PACA and VSS registrations are not the same. PACA is open to all public entities that are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law (Code of Alabama § 41-16-50) within the State of Alabama who choose to be governed by the provisions of the Jefferson County Regional Cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement

Click HERE for more information on the Purchasing Association of Central Alabama (PACA)
When you register in VSS as a vendor/supplier you are automatically eligible to participate in designated cooperative bidding opportunities with PACA
Disclaimer: The County is not responsible for any missed business opportunities due to outdated or inaccurate information. It is the responsibility of the vendor/supplier to review and update all information as needed or when changes occur (i.e. address (email, physical and/or remit), personnel changes, commodities, outdated W-9 signed and dated more than 24 months old, etc)
FORGOT YOUR VENDOR ID#, USERNAME and/or PASSWORD, Questions About Commodity Codes or Received an Error Message (please provide a screen shot if possible)? Contact the Purchasing Division at PROCUREMENTSERVICES@JCCAL.ORG or call 205.325.5381